Sunday, September 5, 2010

Locator for cell containing nbsp in Selenium RC

If you want to point to a table cell containing a   (non breaking space) character then you must use the unicode equivalent of nbsp i.e \u00a0 in your locator. Interestingly this is required only in Selenium RC. A simple space would suffice if you were to achieve this in Selenium IDE. Below is the sample HTML code that has the table with the cell containing the nbsp and the selenium RC instruction to highlight that cell.

<table border="1">




Hi Mahesh,

I am using selenium RC with Visual Studio 2010 IDE and created tests.
Here i am facing a problem in identifying dynamic objects.
Object id looks like "ctl00_MainEntry_AreaCreationControl_AreaGridView_ctl12_AreaNameFooterTextBox"
Here ctl12 is the part which is changing based on which row...But i want to enter the value irrespective of row position..

I tried many things but no luck.. Here are the details...

//*[@id='ctl00_MainEntry_AreaCreationControl_AreaGridView_ctl12_AreaNameFooterTextBox'] works fine in Selenium IDE when I click FIND button in IDE.
But below are not working in selenium IDE when I click FIND.
//input[Contains(@id,'ctl00_MainEntry_AreaCreationControl_AreaGridView_ctl') and Contains(@id,'_AreaNameFooterTextBox')]

Can u help me on this... How can I identify this object? Can u give me your mail id to contact u on this problem and further for selenium automation....

Thx in advance....

cameron said...

thanks for the run though of you pocess, it was much needed. another point of view for this cheers

David said...

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